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Located in the foothills of the magnificent Pennines and nestling in the heart of Yorkshire, the city of Sheffield is perhaps most well-known for its steel industry – and of course, it’s cutlery. During the industrial revolution the name Sheffield became synonymous with quality steel and eating utensils. The city has seen many changes to its economy over the centuries and consequently offers a great deal of logistical and supply chain work to Sheffield couriers.

The Rise Of Sheffield Steel And Cutlery

Sheffield sits astride the river which has given the city a name: the River Sheaf. Cutlery makers have thrived in this city since the Middle Ages but it was during the industrial revolution in the 19th century that Sheffield first became renowned for its steel and cutlery production. Indeed, at the beginning of the 20th century, Sheffield’s stainless steel brought inexpensive quality cutlery to the masses and the city’s name became famous internationally.

Steel is still a huge employer and Forgemasters which was founded in 1805, is the sole remaining independent steel works in the world. As well as providing steel for the British Navy’s nuclear submarines, it has a global reputation for its complex steel forging.

The Decline Of The Steel Industry

Communications and trade grew for the UK during the industrial revolution but at the end of the 19th century competition was immense and the output of steel and iron suffered. Also, during the 20th century, the steel industry had to contend with the collapse of the coal mining industry. Hence the 21st century has seen the cutlery and stainless steel industry run in tandem with a great new development in industry and innovative new openings for Sheffield couriers.

A recent study by Barclays bank and a survey by “Knight Frank” suggests after the decline in output at the end of the 20th century, there has since been a strong revival of the economy in Sheffield. In fact, it has the largest growth in office space and residential rents. Now Sheffield has great respect as a place for starting a new business and for its green credentials.

The Public Sector

Like all modern cities, there is a large public sector which includes employment in the NHS, the Department for Education, and the Department for Business and Innovation. Sheffield has a thriving shopping centre and you will find all the big names you would normally expect to see on the High Street such as Marks and Spencer, Waitrose and John Lewis (the latter received £3 million in public funding to help keep the store open following Covid).


All Sheffield couriers will want to know about transport in the city for local and global delivery and the news is good. The M1 links the city to London in the south and Leeds in the north; the M18 links the city to Doncaster itself, Doncaster Sheffield airport and the ports on the Humber. The A57 and the A61 are major trunk roads running through the city and there is also an inner and outer ring road when needing to keep clear of the traffic. Numerous bus services, the Supertram and Metrolink along with a canal system provide great local transport.

Need Sheffield Couriers?

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