The UK Petrol Crisis Hits Drivers And Couriers

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As we enter into the 2020’s it seems we are seeing crisis after crisis. First, there was Covid, then there were the after-effects of Brexit; then there was a threat of products not reaching our supermarket shelves due to a shortage of drivers and couriers and now there appears to be a shortage of petrol. Strangely they are all inter-linked but the latter- the petrol crisis has been a bit of a phoney from the beginning. However, even though it may have started as a small problem – now it is tearing the UK apart.

The Start Of The Petrol Crisis

What is so frustrating about the petrol shortage is it would probably have been manageable if the media had not caused such a panic. Statistics suggest at first there were one or two companies who were finding it difficult to obtain petrol supplies, but media reports led to panic buying. Because people were panic buying, forecourts really began to run short of fuel. The Catch 22 is that even though now we all know the issue could well be solvable, we were also aware of the fact that our local petrol stations were running dry. So, what did we do? Panic buy petrol! It has become a vicious circle.

The Origins Of The Petrol Shortage

The shortage of fuel is not about petrol itself. Globally there is not a problem in getting hold of petrol or diesel at an acceptable market rate. The problem is delivering fuel to locations where we can access it. The after-effects of both Covid and Brexit have created a shortage of HGV drivers. The Guardian newspaper estimates that during the 2020 covid restrictions around 25,000 EU HGV drivers left the UK and never came back. The changes in cross border regulations following Brexit has meant working in the UK is less than lucrative for many drivers from the EU. As we look to the UK itself to take on more drivers, statistics show that there is a backlog of over 40,000 wishing to take the HGV test.

How has the shortage of drivers and couriers affected industry?

The shortage of HGV drivers is causing strife to business which is then handed onto the consumer. Already consumers have seen delivery drivers and couriers unable to supply supermarkets with fundamental products. There is now talk that there may well be a problem with the traditional Christmas products such as turkey and pork. In business of course, petrol and gas are needed simply to keep the wheels of the supply chain on course. Manufacturing industries will suffer when the production line falls to pieces. As supplies run dry, demand increases and it is likely prices will increase.

What Can Be Done To Help Drivers And Couriers?

As much as panic buying is a huge part of the problem (and difficult to resolve as it is a vicious circle), there are ways to make the root problem a little easier. In the short-term the media is putting out the message that people should only buy petrol when they need it. In other words, go back to normal buying. HGV test sites are attempting to speed up the testing process.  The government is considering allowing three month visas to encourage EU drivers and couriers back to work in the UK and recruiting the army to step in as drivers. They have also changed the law so that HGV drivers can drive longer without a break. But this has met much criticism as it may well affect health and safety standards on the roads.

HGV Drivers And Couriers

Couriers have of course been affected by the crisis. Access to products, price and availability of petrol, and shortage of drivers all play a part in keeping the supply chain rolling and getting your precious package to your door.

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