Couriers And Drivers Prepare For Christmas


What kind of a Christmas can we look forward to in 2021? Are delivery services and couriers going to be under too much pressure? The delivery industry of course usually expects the Christmas period to be one of the most profitable times of the year, and with the increase in online sales, 2021 is likely to be a record-breaker. But with the issues around the pandemic, shortage of drivers and product availability due to Brexit, we may all have to envisage a different kind of Christmas.

Problems At The Heart Of Industry

Whether you are a consumer or a courier, the stark warnings for this year’s winter have been made very clear. Whereas the risk of fatalities through Covid has been greatly reduced, thanks to the vaccination programme, cases are still increasing. The number of admissions to hospital is still rising too and will add to the pressures of NHS waiting lists etc. Sickness and the need for isolation will undoubtedly play a part in disrupting the normal running of manufacturing and delivery industries.

Shortage Of Drivers And Couriers

As we have stated in a previous article, the shortage of drivers and couriers is having an effect on what products reach shop shelves and how fast they get there. If this continues through the winter of 2021 it could influence what traditional products we have around us at the most important Christian festival of the year. In fact, the Guardian newspaper has warned that due to the fact that we may see inflation rises of 5% so the usual suspects for the yuletide dinner may be a little harder to get hold of1.

Manufacturers And Couriers Struggle To Meet Demand

As well as being a shortage of drivers and couriers, there is also likely to be a shortage of abattoir workers and vegetable and fruit pickers. Research has shown that these shortages are to do with both the knock-on effects of Covid and the after-effects of Brexit. The concern is there may well be a shortage of turkey and the pork we expect for our pigs in blankets. Across all industries there is a feeling that the main way for dealing with the problem is to increase pay for these sectors. However, this will obviously have a knock on effect on overall prices – shoppers are expected to be hit hard by the extra expense at Christmas.

At the moment, food manufacturing businesses are focussed on getting food on shelves for immediate use. The Christmas supplies should already have been dealt with during the summer but this was delayed due to the Covid crisis. Therefore, all the associated industries needed to get the products to your door are severely delayed in providing Christmas supplies. And that’s just food.

Gas Supplies Hit The Rocks

As the weather cools and winter evenings draw in, energy becomes central to expenditure for most people for light and warmth. Gas prices are reported to increase by 125%1. This again is a knock-on effect from the pandemic. As more people were forced to remain at home due to lockdowns, there was a greater demand for gas for heating and lighting. The gas companies are now struggling to supply what is needed and so prices are rocketing. And it is not only affecting the consumer – gas, of course, is needed for numerous industrial and manufacturing processes. If there is a shortage in the factory, production suffers.

Couriers For Christmas

With the possibility of rising inflation, problems in the supply chains of most industries, the ever-present viral issues which are made worse by the colder weather, and a question mark over supplies for Christmas festivities, both business and the consumer need to approach the winter of 2021 with caution.

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