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Get the most from Courier Services

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Good courier services are hard to come by and many people either do not know how to find one or look for a cheaper service rather than a good one. Although finances may be tight currently, it is never a good idea to choose courier services based on the cheapest quote as a bad service will undoubtedly cost you more in the long run. There are many other things which should be considered when looking for a courier company for your business.

You should always think about the types of services you will need to use in the course of the year and look for a courier service which provides all of these services. There is little point starting an account with a company who cannot provide you with all the services  you need, and you will also have to look for other companies from time to time. So, if you ship internationally on occasion, be sure to look for a courier who provides this service.

When collecting quotes from courier services, you should always give them as much information about your business needs as possible. This will help them to formulate a deal which is mutually beneficial and which is efficient and practical for both parties on a daily basis. It is also important to use a well established company who provide quick and efficient courier services, like we do here at SameDay Dispatch, because from an inferior company, lost parcels or time delays on document deliveries can prove costly for any business.

The importance of same day courier services

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

We all send and receive mail on a regular basis and so it is a safe assumption that we have all had at least one problem with the postal service, whether it was a missing package or important documents arriving at their destination too late.  Although these problems are annoying for all of us, they can be a real nightmare for anyone trying to run a business smoothly.

Businesses run on tight deadlines and if mail is consistently late or does not show up at all, there can be serious repercussions. This is why many businesses opt to use sameday couriers which allow them to plan dispatches much more efficiently. A good courier service will make the task of sending mail and deliveries much easier and give peace of mind.  Using a sameday courier is the best way to ensure your important documents reach their destination in time for that all important deadline.

There are many courier services out there who claim to offer same day services but not all of them can truly deliver this. This is why it pays to use a well known courier company that operates legitimately and has a good track record on getting things done when they say they will.

Your courier company also needs to be a trustworthy one, like SameDay Dispatch Services. This is especially important if you are using them to transport sensitive documents or expensive packages from one place to another. If you find the right courier, your business life will be made that much easier.

When Should I Use A Courier?

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

When we have a parcel or important documents to deliver, most of us will automatically opt to send them to their destination via the Royal Mail service. We have been brought up using our local post office for all of our mailing needs and many of us have never needed to know about using alternative courier services, like those we provide at Same Day Dispatch, and the benefits involved. This is a shame as courier services can often be much more reliable and cost effective options, especially when sending certain packages, parcels or documents.

If you are sending a parcel that weighs more than 10 kg, you will probably find that using courier services will work out much cheaper than if you used the postal system and if you wish your parcel to be tracked and insured on its journey too, you can find yourself paying way over the odds if you use conventional postal delivery rather than an alternative courier service.

If you are sending an important, time-sensitive document, then using couriers, or even sameday couriers, is a great way to ensure that it arrives at its destination safely and on time. Here at Same Day Dispatch, we can collect and deliver your items within hours and at very reasonable prices. Giving you the peace of mind that you just do not get with conventional mailing which has to be posted, collected and processed before being sent on to its final destination in the next day’s postal round.

Run your business more efficiently with a top class courier service

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Most business environments are extremely busy and time is money. This means that most business managers like their staff and their company to work as efficiently as possible, in terms of both cost and time management.

Using a cost effective and economically run courier service to dispatch items is a great way to keep your companies overheads low.  Our couriers at Same Day Dispatch can pick up your parcel directly from your office or from another specified location and transport it to any destination you desire quickly and with the least amount of fuss possible.

Not only will using a cost-effective courier services save you money, but it will also save you time as you will not need to leave your office and spend a large part of your day queuing at a Post Office in order to get your important documents or packages sent safely on their way. This is even more vital at a time when Royal Mail employee strike action is causing major delivery disruptions in certain areas of the UK.

At Same Day Dispatch we make sending your packages easy, hassle free and stop the need for time consuming journeys.  Over the years this will save you a considerable amount of time. To send a package using Same day Dispatch, all you need to do is either call us or book a delivery online. You can even obtain a quote for any deliveries you require online, so, you will always know just what you will have to pay up front and before you commit to using us, leaving you with more money in your pocket and much more time to spend productively at your desk.

How courier services work

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Courier services can provide a wide range of different services depending on the company, but, some things remain almost the same no matter which company you choose. For example, most courier companies function by receiving calls from clients who will also provide them with a pick up and delivery date and schedule. Once they have this information, they will deliver the package to the agreed schedule. Most companies will also provide clients with confirmation of delivery, if requested.

Most courier companies today use a combination of both motorcycles and vans to deliver their packages. Motorcycles are most often used in busy cities, such as London, where they can more easily navigate traffic and ensure deliveries are completed on time. Cars and vans are used to deliver larger goods and are more often used in larger rural areas.

The best courier services today use GPS technology and computer based technology to ensure that all deliveries are made as efficiently as possible. The computers used by the courier service, when presented with a courier request, are able to determine which vehicle is best placed to deliver that item and arrange collection. This makes the whole process of using a courier service much more efficient and keeps costs low. It also helps to ensure that all deliveries are made on time and are satisfactorily completed.

However, not all courier companies are the same. At Same-Day Dispatch, we are able to tap into and use the full extent of our courier network due to our unique network structure, which makes us more flexible and pro-active than many other courier services, whether you need domestic or international couriers.

How to find the right courier service for you

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

To find an appropriate courier service for your needs, you must firstly decide what it is that you need from a courier service. If you want to be able to track a package online or to arrange deliveries online, always check the courier offers this option.

Choosing the right courier service can be critical to any business. Customers expect things to be delivered exactly when you tell them they will arrive and disappointed customers mean a loss of business, so you need a courier service you can trust. You should choose a courier service which is available to you on demand whenever you need them.

A quality courier service should be flexible and be well placed to adapt to your requirements, even at the last minute. Not all courier services can remain flexible and offer fast delivery worldwide.

When it comes to cost, obviously you have margins which you must stick to, but you should not be tempted to automatically opt for the cheapest service you can find as a matter of course. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for and perhaps paying a little more for a better service would be a good idea as it will ultimately improve productivity and give you a better standard of service.

At Same-day Dispatch, we are large enough to cope with any needs you have and yet cost effective enough for the smaller business too. With access to a large fleet, we are much more efficient than many other courier services and we are proud to treat your customers like our own and ensure your deliveries arrive on time. If time is a critical factor to you, opting for a sameday courier service or a service which offers express overnight delivery like ours is what you need.

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