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The need for green systems in business is becoming more and more essential. Not long ago, people still questioned whether global warming was real and an actual threat to the environment. Now there appears to be no doubt (The UN’s intergovernmental report on climate change has found there is a clear connection between rising global temperatures, droughts and natural catastrophes) that in order to keep our planet safe for future generations we all need to ensure our behaviours take the health of the earth into consideration. Transport technology has taken massive strides over the last 50 years but it has brought with it environmental problems. Couriers of course has air travel, shipping and road travel to provide it’s services so, for this reason alone, all businesses involved in this industry, need to be aware of new green laws and adhere to green policies.

Couriers And Delivery Services In The UK

The supply chain is at the core of most business activities. Hence, delivery consignments for manufacture or delivering direct to end of line customers are equally important in the supply chain. Here at Same-Day Dispatch we have access to a network of couriers across the UK and the globe. This could be in the form of air travel, shipping or road travel. Green considerations are at the heart of our practice as the government imposes new policies. But how can we make matters even better for our customers and the couriers we sub-contract?

Introducing The LST

One new idea has been in the making for some time and it focuses on cutting down the amount of HGV lorries on the road. The Department of Transport believes it can do this by making the vehicles bigger. A new nine year trial has begun where longer semi-trailers (LST) could remove up to one in eight freight journeys. This would support the governments decarbonisation plan in three ways: reducing mileage, reducing emissions and reducing congestion.

Electric Vehicles For Couriers?

There was a time when electric vehicles were scoffed at – but now they are very much becoming a reality in the UK.  The government has set a date for 2030 when there will be no further sales of new petrol-driven vehicles and electric vehicles will be on offer on our car salesroom forecourts. There is a long way to go – we need chargers distributed across the country and individuals will need to learn the new technology – but it is happening.

Environmentally Friendly Road Materials

As well as the vehicles we ride in we can also consider the kind of materials we build our roads with. This would include using recycled materials, more efficient waste management and the use of green concrete.

How Do You Get From A to B?

There is definitely a plan to encourage individuals to use transport that is not fuel-driven. Indeed, this could be by car-pooling, riding a bicycle or even just walking, but obviously for couriers who usually need to transport large consignments this is not really viable. Couriers and HGV companies need to adapt to the new green principles that govern larger vehicles.

Traffic related issues can cause environmental issues. By planning journeys better (i.e. with a mind to reducing fuel consumption) daily commutes and supply chain deliveries become more efficient. The future for the changes needed on our roads is therefore not a bleak one where we are all doing a 360-degree turn, it will lead to changes that will enhance the environment, healthy living and business efficiency.

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