The Supply Chain And New Technology

Supply Chain

In our last article we focussed on how advancements in technology is making the interaction between courier and consumer easier and smoother. New technology also offers great benefits for the manufacturer in the supply chain itself. It does this by helping to make the supply chain more manageable and less expensive for business-to-business delivery services. At the end of the day, extra expense in the production process is going to lead to higher prices for the end-user

How The supply Chain Has Been Affected

Over the last two years, supply chain managers have had to deal with some of the biggest issues to hit the UK in a long time. As well as the problems of Covid-19 (and the restrictions which have accompanied it), delivery services and couriers have had to deal with the aftermath of Brexit. All have led to extra global border controls and a shortage of employees. In the delivery services this has meant issues such as a shortage of drivers.

As a small family company partnering with a network of couriers across the UK and the globe, we are able to satisfy supply chains quickly and easily. But we are well aware of the issues in 2022. We therefore research industry needs and resources in order to provide an appropriate return for all our clients.

The Importance of Managing the Supply Chain

As an example of how technology complements the supply chain, let’s consider the food and beverage industry. This is a sector where there is a great need to get products to market before they reach use-by date. Therefore, managing logistics and the supply chain is absolutely paramount. Good management within the food sector no doubt leads to maintenance of health standards, adherence to ecological requirements, lower prices for the end-user and continuing good turnover for the provider.

How Technology Can Complement the Supply Chain Process

The aim of a supply chain manager is to measure, control and react. However, the manager can only perform his role if he/she has all the data to work with. This is where technology of the 21st century comes in. In the food and beverage industry, there will be consignments which are heavily dependent upon temperature for freshness. Hence, refrigerated delivery vans and HGV’s can be essential. The logistics manager can use latest technologies to monitor when temperatures change within the delivery vehicle and put products at risk. The data gleaned can also be used in the future to allow the manager to recognise patterns. In this way consignments from whichever sector can be made more secure while adhering to set standards. As well as providing a better service, the supply chain manager can also look to the future so that scenarios which are detrimental to the overall process can be avoided.

Taking Technology for Granted

We so often take technology for granted. It is present now in almost everything we do. We curse it sometimes because it seems to be robbing our civilizations of jobs and employment. Also, it sometimes seems that it detracts our children from the wonders of nature. But without it ticking away in the background so many of our commercial enterprises begin to fall to pieces leading to a deterioration in everyday lives.

Technology Must Fulfill a Real Need

Both business and customer can benefit from the continued advancement of technology. That is, as long as new technological advances replace a real need. There is a question sometimes as to whether, in some cases, we are creating technology simply because we can rather than as a solution to a problem. The former surely can only lead to a similar situation where there is no technology at all.

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