Why The Pandemic Accelerated Digitisation In Courier Services

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Covid 19 and the systems we have put in place to curtail it, have led to a great change in how consumers buy and how courier services satisfy client needs. Due to lockdown and an overt fear of being in contact with others, the High Street, at times, over the last two years, has almost become a no-go area for consumers. Hence, for people to buy essentials for their home in times of lockdown, they have often been forced to buy via the internet. Brexit has also added to these changes and overall, in the 21st century the internet is becoming a cheaper and more accessible place to do business than physical shopfronts.

Changes In How Courier Services Work

As well as digital resources becoming more effective for the end user, they have also become essential for courier services during the pandemic. Courier services have had to not only adapt to the new ways of buying, but also provide their services in such a way that consumers feel safe from the virus. In a way this has been good for the industry, as new methods of working have streamlined the overall service for the future.

Statistics Show A Greater Reliance On Digital Tech

Statistics provided by European based company Webfleet Solutions show that since the beginning of the pandemic, 74% of UK courier fleets have taken on new digital solutions. These innovative technologies are both to enhance new ways of working and to provide safety.

Three of the most popular digital solutions are:

  • Apps for capturing consumers signatures electronically. These technologies allow consignments to be delivered without excess contact.
  • Mobile apps to aid supply chain processes
  • Paperless invoicing. This is where the invoice is received by the consumer via text or email. This way there is no need for excess contact at point of delivery and also streamlines the overall delivery process.

Uptake Acceleration

Of course, all of these processes have been with us a long time and as technology has advanced, businesses within the industry have taken them on as useful to the service. But it was only during the epidemic that their use became essential leading to many businesses having to consider adding them to their resources.

The survey found that not all businesses have gone digital and the reasons for this were often due to cost. Another reason was lack of time or resources to put new digital systems in place.

Courier Services And Digitisation In The Future

The epidemic may have accelerated the uptake of digital techniques but high technology which allows for “tracking deliveries”, alerting consumers to the exact time when courier services will make a delivery, and graphics evidencing delivery (perhaps when the recipient is not available to take the delivery) are now becoming common place tools within the industry. Indeed, smaller businesses entering the industry will need to take on board a new level of service provision. Digital systems which are in place today – and may seem a little like luxury – tomorrow will be the bottom line. It is likely in years to come, all courier services will be expected to provide this level of service.

Quality Courier Services

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