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parcel delivery

Ok, we all take parcel delivery for granted in the 21st century. So much so, that we perhaps do not put enough thought into getting our precious parcels to their destinations quickly and safely. There are too many horror stories unfortunately of deliverables that have just gone missing or have arrived at their place of destination in more than just one piece. So here are our top tips – whether you are a business or a residential customer – for the perfect parcel delivery.

Find a Reputable Delivery Service

This may sound pretty obvious and you are probably thinking “well, you would say that” – but it really is the bottom line. Think about it: is there any other area in your life where you would place your valuables at risk by checking out the service company first? For residential customers, lost parcels could lead to lost time, money and relationships; businesses could face fractured supply chains, unneeded worry and lost time and customers.

If you are looking out for that perfect delivery service, search for sparkling testimonials, a well-known brand and a national concern. Check out what options they offer and whether they can guarantee parcel delivery. What happens if delivery is not made or if the consignment is damaged?

Use Robust Packaging for Parcel Delivery

Don’t cut corners with packaging. The duration of the journey is important (especially if the package has to go overseas). Get out of the habit of using old boxes from previous deliveries – they are more likely to damage easy. Use new boxes specific to the size of your consignment and use wide-banded adhesive tape to seal the box securely. Print both your mail-to address and mail-from address on the back of the parcel in case the package has to be returned to sender.

Check Country-specific Regulations

All countries have their own border controls which come with necessary regulations. Any parcel delivery service with a good reputation will be aware of these rules and hence be able to give a clear idea as to what will be involved with delivery to any part of the world. Using this information, you can then arrange time of dispatch for a perfect parcel delivery.

However, over the last two years the Covid 19 epidemic has caused chaos as far as national borders are concerned. During periods of lockdown, some borders have been closed down, or, at best, new rules have been temporarily put in place. Both scenarios can lead to a delay in delivery, unhappy customers, frustrated employees and unneeded expenditure.

Advanced Technologies for Parcel Delivery

In the 21st century you expect to be able to track your package. But this is just one benefit from all the new technologies on the market. For instance, you can now find out at exactly what time your parcel will be delivered and the name of the person who will deliver it. Before using a parcel delivery service find out what options are available to you as a customer and how they are delivered.

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At Same Day Dispatch Services Ltd we pride ourselves on getting your consignment to its delivery point safely and quickly. A family firm, our seventeen year experience has told us that the only way for us to grow and prosper is to offer powerful and trustworthy services to our prospective customers. Therefore, if you look through our website you will see we deliver throughout the UK and across the globe. We keep ahead of the news to make sure when we deliver, our couriers and our back-up couriers get your consignment to the right place at the right time.

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