International Parcel Delivery, Air Freight And Covid-19

International parcel delivery

Covid-19 has turned global trade upside down over the last 18 months. As we cautiously look to a time when we can let go of mandatory restrictions in commerce, we also have to accept that most businesses have not come through this period unscathed. While the courier business has in fact benefited to a certain extent by the changes in consumer behaviour during the epidemic (i.e. buying online), the infrastructure of the industry has been put at risk and will need time before it can fully return to normal service. International parcel delivery is dependent to a degree on air freight and the last few months have been a challenge. Here at Same Day Dispatch Services Ltd we have over 17 years experience in ensuring our clients receive the very best service and continue to offer an outstanding courier service.

Governmental Restrictions and International Parcel Delivery

Restrictions imposed – especially during lockdown – have hampered international parcel delivery. Consequently, global deliveries have sometimes been put at risk, and supply chains and fundamental logistics strategies have suffered. Borders to countries have sometimes been closed putting the supply of ingredients for manufacturing at risk. Individual countries, in an attempt to prevent the spread of Covid-19, have brought in temporary measures which has led to more time needed for couriers at customs. Deliveries for some businesses have therefore become more unpredictable.

Slowly Returning to Normal

As air travel (both for cargo and consumer flights) slowly return to acceptable levels, air freight management is able to reduce the time that aircraft spend on the ground. When flights are grounded, huge amounts of money is lost from company budgets. Of course, restrictions should continue until statistics suggest that international parcel delivery can begin to return to normal, but it is quite clear that any lost revenue may be passed onto the consumer in the near future. In some cases, some airline businesses will simply not survive.

Choose the Best International Parcel Delivery Service

In order to deal with the current challenges imposed by the presence of the pandemic, any global courier service needs to have a wide and robust network of air companies to choose from in order to fulfill their client’s needs. All airlines will offer distinct benefits as well as a unique experience in specific types of global delivery service. The bigger and more effective network the courier service has at it’s fingertips, the more flexibility for clients when air freight is facing so many challenges.

Excellent Service with Back-up

At Same-Day Dispatch Services Ltd our excellent service is built on our robust partnerships with freight companies. Great partnerships not only allow us to provide our clients with a first-rate service, it also allows us to offer a back-up if necessary (in other words, if the original delivery plan is not available due to restrictions, hopefully, we will have another option to fall back on. Getting the job done and client satisfaction is paramount.

Awareness of Customs Changes

Thanks to our wide experience in air freight and international parcel delivery, we have also nurtured a comprehensive knowledge of the customs industry. At a time when we are facing almost daily changes to intercontinental regulations, it is important that the delivery service has a clear idea as to the administration needed to reduce time and cost at the airports. Just as we pick our commercial partners carefully when considering how your precious consignment will be dispatched, we have high expectations as to how that delivery will be made.

The greater control we have over how global deliveries will be made by air, the more options we can offer our clients – such as time-critical opportunities. As our name suggests we can not only put your mind at rest by providing a great delivery (whether B2C or B2B) we can also offer a delivery service at a time which suits your business.

Same-Day Dispatch Services Ltd offer courier services and international parcel delivery across the UK, Europe and globally. To learn more about our services you can call 0800 999 1010 or you can get an estimate by clicking here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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