Courier Services Feel The Impact Of Covid-19

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Covid-19 is battering our lives in so many ways. Indeed, apart from the virus itself, new regulations put in place to deal with the threat has meant social intercourse is grossly restricted and commercial enterprise has been hit bad. Hence, shops are unable to open and trade, so consumers have been forced to buy online to fill the vacuum. Hence courier services are suffering from restrictions, but also responding to a new demand.

E-commerce is not always an option for businesses

Not all businesses are able to change easily to online sales. So, UK industry has proved vulnerable. As businesses have gone down, unemployment has skyrocketed. In lockdown the high street has closed down except for essential shopping and provisions have been put at risk meaning supply chains have also been dislocated. International borders in places have become impassable so exports and imports have been disrupted.  E-commerce has therefore taken the place of the High Street. In order for e-commerce to thrive, there has been a huge demand for courier services. This in turn has led to a massive influx of new personnel working in the sector.

Safety and speed needed in courier services

Here at Same-Day Dispatch Services Ltd, we always keep up with and adhere to new government regulations. Our professional couriers are aware of the social distancing rules, and in bringing your valuable products to your door, safety is always a priority. As the pandemic takes its toll, more and more workers in all industries are absent due to sickness or because of the need for isolation. We have a huge network of couriers to back-up all our deliveries so we can ensure that your package arrives in time.

We have over 25 years’ experience in courier services locally and internationally. And with access to over 230 depots across the UK, 2,500 delivery vehicles together with a network of highly professional couriers, we know we are big enough and robust enough to guarantee delivery at specific times. When we add a courier to our courier service, we need to make sure they will not let our clients down. So, if you are considering working as a courier, beware of all the pitfalls.

Considering courier services as an occupation?

Our lifestyles are changed or put on hold and the virus and lockdown restrictions continue to put our daily work at risk, jobs are lost, and strange new ways of living are becoming normal. As courier services and online buying have become essential to daily living, the need for delivery service personnel in the courier services industry increases. Hence many are finding that this career could be a way out of unemployment. A part-time job as a courier may be the route to extra income. But according to recent research this may not be as straight-forward and as fruitful as it sounds.

Beware of hidden pitfalls

A case in point are issues with insurance. Some individuals starting courier work may fail to get full Goods In Transit cover. People are foolish to take this risk as they will not be covered on standard car insurance. Apparently, insurance companies are now saying that delivery drivers that operate cars need more than just ‘business cover’ – they need H and R cover. At the same time, respectable insurance companies are saying that they will not cover people with a “top-up” H and R cover. This means that they will need to cancel their standard insurance and take out specialist insurance for courier services. This costs money. To cancel your current insurance alone may well incur a financial penalty in itself.

Distribution of the vaccines by courier services

At the beginning of 2021, we are witnessing a race with the pandemic. So we ask “How fast can we get the approved vaccines distributed before the virus takes a tighter hold?” As a respected courier service working within many medical industries, Same-Day Dispatch Services Ltd are in a place to aid the government with roll-out of the vaccine if we can provide the services needed. Indeed, we already provide a Covid-19 Test service.

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