Courier Services and the East European Conflict

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The problems in Ukraine have captured everyone’s imagination, triggered global anger and sympathy. Over the last 5 years in the UK, we have had to deal with a series of crises which have also been global issues.
The first major crisis the UK experienced was Brexit; this was quickly followed by the pandemic; then came shortage of fuel as inflation lurked frighteningly on the horizon; the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has intensified economic issues. Throughout all of this, courier services have suffered. Although the Eastern European conflict indirectly affects the UK, the attempts to restrict its impact on the rest of the world has led to major economic problems.

Courier Services Affected

All of the crises mentioned above have had an impact in the way we do business. Indeed, courier services have found trade routes disrupted, supply chains have had to be re-worked, delivery times have been reset and delivery charges have been put at risk. As this has affected manufacturing and retail in big and small businesses, the consumer, who is already contending with inflation on everyday prices, also has to take on board the likelihood of increased delivery charges.

The Conflict in Ukraine

The scenes we see consistently happening in Ukraine on our television screens appear both barbaric and frightening. But we are left confused because we cannot see any real reasoning behind this conflict. Everyone asks will this lead to a real war. But as the fallout from the sanctions intensifies, it feels as if the whole globe is being affected by an economic rather than a military war. How long will this continue and will it get worse? Is it just the beginning of Putin’s plans? Whichever way it goes, world trade is already involved and to survive economically, we must all adapt.

Russian Gas

So in Ukraine there is a terrible war where individuals and families fight for their lives and national sovereignty. In the rest of the world, this has morphed into an economic war. In a desperate attempt to prevent a war between east and west, the west has made economic sanctions on Russia. This thankfully is having an effect and has caused inflation and chaos to the Russian world. But this way of preventing all-out war has its downside. The UK imports Russian gas and at a time when low sources of fuel are causing a vast increase in fuel costs, we have equal problems. And of course, business is suffering as well. This has sent petrol costs through the roof and our businesses experience higher costs which are passed on to the customer.

Courier Services via China

Another area where there are problems is transporting goods from China. Indeed, goods shipped from China to Europe would normally go via Russia. Rail transportation through Russia is now almost impossible because of sanctions. This in turn has put a heavy burden on shipping. Naturally, freight costs due to the increase in demand, also increase. Flights are also affected. Air space over Ukraine is important for European air traffic. Re-routings or changes to other methods of transport lead to loss in capacity for couriers.

Road transportation may also see issues. Apart from couriers having to change their normal routes, UK drivers from Ukraine are returning to their home country to fight. So in the future there is a likelihood this will have an impact on courier services if the war continues.

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