Courier Services And Sustainability

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In every sector of industry across the globe there is a real need to confront the needs of sustainability – providing products and services in the present while also protecting future generations. This usually takes the form of initiating a supply chain which is environmentally friendly. The Covid-19 epidemic changed so many factors about how we go about our everyday life and trade. Courier services have seen a new demand for their services due to the large amount of online buying and for many businesses supply chains have been totally turned upside down.  

Sustainability, courier services and industry

Sustainability has always been on a business agenda by default. It has often been taken as “just something that needs to be done” but now after we have all experienced the epidemic it seems industry has had a wake up call. Sustainability issues have become central to how businesses design their supply chains – it cannot be about profit and loss alone. The two areas of concern we will briefly look at here is packaging and transport emissions. The latter is more specific to courier services.

Businesses and packaging

Without doubt one of the major areas to work through for business is the use of packaging in delivery. So many parcels use cardboard and “paper or polystyrene filler”. All these materials can be detrimental to the environment. So, when businesses look at their supply chains, they should be looking at why specific materials are used for packaging as well as the quantities used. It is likely decisions about packaging were originally made with just cost in mind. And of course, for any business this must remain a priority but if packaging could be causing sustainability issues, is there room for flexibility? Can the amount of packaging or type of packaging be reduced? How can packaging be absolutely minimised while still protecting the valuable product?

Courier services and packaging

Businesses such as courier services are not usually directly responsible for how products are packaged. For instance, here at Same-Day Dispatch Services Ltd, we have access to the top couriers across the UK. Businesses contact us for two main reasons: either to help with distribution of a package to a client or as a B2B contract where our couriers play a role in the supply chain. In all circumstances the service we offer is the vehicle and dispatch service to get the products to their destination. The client determines what goods need to be dispatched and the quantity and they also take care of the packaging.

Packaging option

If we are looking at recycling – then cardboard is good. But there is no doubt that with this new shift to online trading there is an even greater need for exterior packaging over the brand product packaging. Cardboard is becoming more scarce as a commodity. Another option is using reusable cardboard boxes. This would be more useful perhaps between businesses in the B2B supply chain as there could be an agreement that any reusable boxes are returned.

Transport emissions and courier services

Transport emissions has been a factor for discussion for couriers for some time. The logistics and transport industry have been adapting to new goals set by the government. The overall goal is to reach zero emissions by 2050. Over recent use traffic on the roads has increased but diesel has been taking the place of petrol as fuel of choice. The government has also initiated the plan to sell only electric cars by 2030. Eco-driving has become really popular. This is about maintaining your vehicle well and driving in such a manner as to reduce fuel waste.

Here at Same-Day Dispatch Services we want to be ahead of the queue in keeping our environment safe for future generations and still getting your consignment delivered safely and speedily. Whether you are looking for time-critical courier services, or just great delivery services you can call us on 0800 999 1010. Know what you are looking for, click here for an estimate. We could be with you within the hour…

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