10 Factors That Make Great Parcel Delivery Services

parcel delivery services

Trust-worthy parcel delivery services are essential for business logistics and also for home delivery. If you are buying off the internet then it is likely you will have little choice as to who brings your valuables to your door, but if you are a business manager organising delivery there is a real need to ensure the courier service won’t let you down. It is not just about the consignment – it could be about the future of your business.

So, with that in mind we are going to look at 10 factors to look out for in a robust parcel delivery service:

Evidence services will be met

There is a tendency amongst businesses in the 21st century (often through over-zealous marketing and promotion) to describe services and standards that are not always evidenced. In other words, can they evidence what they say they will do? The best way to remedy this situation is to view their testimonials. Are their any testimonials? If not, this is a concern. When you sign on the dotted line you need to know the company will honour their promises.

Guarantee and back up

What kind of guarantee will you be given? What happens when things go wrong? No company can cover every eventuality in parcel delivery services, but it is those companies who prepare for the unforeseen who are more likely to be able to put your mind at rest.

Modern services

Can the company offer all the trappings of modern 21st century parcel delivery services? This covers services such as same day delivery, time-critical delivery and international delivery. You may not need all of these aspects, but the fact that the company can offer these services suggest they are more robust than many.

Flexibility and parcel delivery services

When looking for a company to support your supply chain, there is a likelihood you are going to want more than just standard delivery services. The company must be able to be adapt to the unique needs of your business. So, do they have restrictions on when, how and the size of delivery?

Handling awkward or fragile parcels

Who is going to be delivering the goods? Are they experienced enough to treat each consignment with special care? Do they know what to do with goods which need to be handled differently from others?

Client contact

Perhaps the most vital factor to take into consideration with a parcel delivery service is client contact. How the consignment is delivered is ultimately a reflection on your brand. Therefore, there needs to be a certain compatibility with your company values. And those values need to be prevalent on delivery.

Resource coordination

Once you have found a company that appears to be able to evidence appropriate resources you need to know that those resources are coordinated correctly. A good way to find this out is to suggest an extreme job to the parcel delivery service. If they can organize that and you feel satisfied, you have probably found a winner.

Value for money from parcel delivery services

So, you have the resources you need, they are a trustworthy and renowned company who can offer guarantees. But what are the fees like? Make sure that you get a good idea of the “going-rate” in the industry. The lowest cost is rarely the most appropriate delivery service you will find, but don’t pay costs that have been blown far out of proportion.

Good communication

With all parcel delivery services there is a need for effective communications. In the first place you need to be able to explain your project in detail. The company needs to understand your brand values as well so this can be reflected. Also, you need to be able to keep track of deliveries in order to streamline logistical systems.

Who are their partners?

Their company may have great feedback but no organisation works alone. It is likely they will need to use partners in their overall parcel delivery services. So, who are their partners and does this say something about their company?

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