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In 2015, Gordon Brown – then chancellor of the Exchequer – pronounced Nottingham was one of the top six science cities in the UK. This is true, industries and educational establishments with roots in scientific products and services are profound but it may give a skewed idea of what the Nottingham economy is all about. There is a wide variety of industries in this East Midland city which bolster the UK economy – and where there is customers and supply chains there is a need for Nottingham couriers.

Nottingham: a brief history

The beginnings of the city of Nottingham can be traced back almost a millennium to 1068. Indeed, this is when it became a settlement after the Battle of Hastings. At this time, it comprised of a simple lace market, a town hall and a law court. The settlement developed around Nottingham Castle whose walls and ditches protected the new town.

The Industrial revolution

By the 15th century, Nottingham had established itself a neat little export industry in religious sculpture. This is because it’s positioning on the River Trent has always been an asset to furthering commerce – especially in the 18th and 19th centuries with the onset of the Industrial Revolution. During the industrial revolution, the lace industry reached its full height and power, came into its own and became famous throughout the world. However, the industry was brought to a halt in the 2nd world war and never found a footing again in Nottingham.

Nottingham commerce in the 21st century

In 2020 Nottingham had an estimated population of 330,000. Also, the city’s public transport system has won awards and the metropolitan economy is now the seventh-largest in the UK. The city centre has two main retail areas: The Victoria centre and Broadmarsh – the latter of which is currently under redevelopment.

Industries looking for Nottingham couriers?

Nottingham is home to the headquarters of several large companies which all use courier services and in turn help to make this old city the largest economy in the East Midlands. The types of business and industry are wide and various and they include Boots (pharmaceuticals and retail); Chinook Sciences; GM(cricket bats); Pedigree Petfoods; VF Corporation (American Clothes business); and Experian, the credit reference company.

Industries at the hub of Nottingaham commerce

Other industries of interest which Nottingham couriers no doubt offer services to, are betting companies (Gala Bingo); high street opticians (Vision Express and Specsavers); PC software developers (Serif Europe); national law firms (Browne Jacobson); and savings (Nottingham Building Society). There is also the headquarters for necessary public companies such as Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC); The Driving Standards Agency, Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission.

How our couriers can help you

Here at Same Day Dispatch Services Ltd – whether you are a residential customer or a business looking to get your supply chain fulfilled – our couriers can get your consignment to its destination safely and on time. Also as our brand would suggest, we also offer time-critical services in Nottingham and globally. For instance, if you are a business who regularly need deliveries made at specific times in the day – our couriers can fix that for you. Indeed, every now and again there is a need for that emergency delivery and we can provide that same day courier service.

More than Nottingham couriers

We offer delivery services throughout the world. So the pick-up point may be Nottingham or the delivery area may be Nottingham but with the help of over 2500 vehicles, nearly 20 years of experience in the business, and highly talented and trained couriers we can put your mind at rest as far as logistics is concerned.

Looking for Nottingham couriers? Start here!

If you have a delivery in mind, you can get an estimate for your project by clicking here  . Otherwise, if you would like to speak to one of our support workers, please call us on 0800 999 1010. Check out our same day and time-critical services on this website. We don’t hang about – get in contact with us and we really could be with you within the hour…

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