How Our Couriers Offer Safe Delivery During Covid-19


Health and safety is essential to keep organisations functioning effectively while looking after assets, systems, employees and customers. Good health and safety procedures should ensure systems are safe, workers understand and are able to carry out working methods and ultimately it all means the customer is satisfied with the final service or product. The logistics industry is no different. From the warehouse to the customs office and from couriers to the forklift drivers, a system that is built on safety is more likely to reap rewards than one that cuts corners and puts assets and people at risk. And never has safe working been needed to such a high degree as now with the onset of the Covid-19 epidemic.

A place for safety

There has always been firm guidelines for health and safety in the logistics industry. Some of those regulations are specifically to do with the industry itself (such as manual handling guidance), others are more generalised and found in everyday life (i.e., HGV drivers should only drive for a specific amount of hours; drivers should always wear their seatbelts). Even with same-day couriers – where there is a need to dispatch and deliver at breakneck speed – we ensure our employees adhere to the health and safety rules and regulations of the road and our company.

Covid-19 and couriers

The epidemic has added a further layer of rules and regulations which are not necessarily specific to the logistics and delivery industry itself but are aimed at all members of the population. Indeed, as a company offering a service both locally and internationally, we want to be at the forefront of safe working – and end the virus. So, you can rest assured that you will see our couriers following these simple rules:

  • Wearing a mask when delivering goods to clients and customers
  • Keeping at least 2 metres apart from everyone – especially clients and customers.
  • Washing hands with sanitary balms where possible to prevent the spread of the virus to inanimate objects.
  • Our couriers follow governmental legislation re isolation and testing. Here at Same-Day Dispatch Services Ltd we try to take into account such issues as an increased number of individuals needing to have days away from work due to the ever-present virus. Where possible we always try to make sure there is a back-up courier who can take over any delivery if there are any unforeseen issues. This, of course is especially important where couriers have to make deliveries on the same day, or when the delivery is time-critical.

We are getting there…

Covid-19 has meant a change of working for all of us. The vaccine rollout is working well in the UK but we are not home and dry. For some time to come, we will have to live with this new normal where masks and distancing is very much part of our everyday lives. We may be able to prevent the virus causing fatalities but we still do not know yet how much the vaccines are protecting us against further contamination. As well as that, even though the vulnerable members of our communities are now very well protected by the vaccines, there is still a chance the virus could mutate and new, more dangerous strains could be created.

Safe and fast couriers

As our name would suggest we can get your deliveries to their destination in break-neck speed. Not only that but the method of delivery will be safe meaning your goods will be in one piece when delivered. We offer time-critical delivery and same-day delivery. With access to couriers across the UK we can be with you within the hour. Click here to find out more…

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