Has Ecommerce Growth Affected Parcel Delivery Service Demand?

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Ecommerce has been growing as a safe and fast way to access products since the late 1990’s. Now, the dark cloud of the Covid-19 epidemic has shifted that growth up a gear.  With high street shops and businesses out of bounds, people across the world have been forced to learn how to buy from the web. Subsequently, parcel delivery service companies have doubled in size and become more cost-effective in order to deal with new demand and competition.

How buying online has changed

The effects of Covid -19 have been catastrophic across the world. The government, in an attempt to secure citizens’ health and keep the economy thriving, has created new policies and regulations. Social distancing which has successfully kept the virus at bay has also meant businesses have closed down physical outlets and reverted to online systems (where they can) to sell their wares. Obviously, not all businesses have the facilities or the budgets to do this and not all prospective customers have the equipment or wherewithal to take advantage of this new world in hyperspace.

What is “new normal” for a parcel delivery service?

Statistics suggest: in 2018, 2.81 trillion people shopped online – by the end of 2021 this figure will have risen to 4.8 trillionOnline food stores have seen the greatest increase since the onset of the epidemic in January 2020. According to the Office for National Statistics, online shopping doubled between February 2020 and August 2020.

For businesses to stay on top of demand they have needed to restructure internal systems and logistics. One major change being, if customers buy online, an enhanced and robust form of parcel delivery service is needed. This has to be a courier service that is trust-worthy, safe, experienced and consistent.

Short-term changes?

The great game-changer in the war against the virus has been the production and distribution of viruses. The hope now is that everything will return to how things used to be. But is that likely? Now businesses have perhaps made those first tentative steps to making profits online and made big changes to how they work, it is likely those commercial structures will remain. This is mainly because the general customer has learnt a new way of buying too. Whereas it will probably not replace the traditional ways of visiting retail outlets, the internet now has become a real factor in an organisations’ armoury when accruing viable profits.


There was a great fear at one stage during the epidemic, that businesses would collapse and also the effects on employment would be devastating. Indeed, there is no escaping the fact that businesses have struggled and many, sadly have gone into administration. But for others who have had the foresight, assets and flexibility, it has meant adapting to the new order. And within that, the opportunities for business and individual employees (perhaps within new roles) does not look bleak, it looks fruitful.

A new demand for a parcel delivery service

As new logistical systems and methods for communicating with clients, takes hold, the traditional ways of buying and selling will not necessarily be centre stage. But instead of this leading to unemployment in the retail zone, many employees will hopefully be able to find new roles in the new internal online systems. Externally there is likely to be a high demand for a trust-worthy parcel delivery service which again could be beneficial to those who worked in retail before. However, at the end of the day, all businesses will need to contract in cost-effective services which have exceptional services and experience. This is where Same-Day Dispatch Services Ltd may be of help to organisations across the UK.

Parcel delivery service at Same-Day

Here at Same-Day Dispatch Services Ltd, we have access to the very best parcel delivery services and couriers across the UK. We also have robust partnerships with air and shipping companies so we can provide international delivery. With 17 years experience in the industry, our aim is to provide a friendly service you can truly rely on. When it comes down to speed and safety, we believe there is no-one to touch us, and can offer both same-day delivery as well as time-critical delivery.

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