Same-Day Dispatch Can Help Deliver Covid-19 Testing


The Covid-19 crisis continues to worsen as we enter autumn 2020 here in the UK. Hence, this is putting lives, the economy and individual businesses at risk. however, one thing the pandemic has shown all of us is how blessed we all are to have the NHS here in the UK. This magnificent service has been available to everyone and saved numerous lives. Hence, skills, care and endurance have come together to make the NHS truly memorable. We all appreciate the big hearts and the strong spirits in the NHS who have selflessly put themselves on the frontline and seen us through the ‘first wave’

Keyworkers behind the scenes fighting Covid-19

But sadly, in the real world, there is a need for more than caring hearts and good intentions. Most importantly, there is also a need for two other factors. The first is scientific knowledge which guides skilled hands. The second is the business acumen and logistics services which hold everything together to compliment caring services behind the scenes. For instance, we learnt a great deal from the first wave of Covid-19 – and necessary changes were made. Also, one factor which is essential to perfect is the testing system – and that is where Same-Day Dispatch keyworkers can help streamline delivery of equipment, test results and data.

The importance of Covid-19 testing

Those people who suspect they have the virus need to know test results as soon as possible. This is so they can isolate, get the best medical support, prevent any possibility of passing on the virus and allow their lives and work or business to progress without too much disruption.

The testing system for instance seems to be struggling. The NHS Covid-19 testing system needs robust, powerful, systems to ensure it works. We are proud to say that here at Same-Day Dispatch Services Ltd we can provide a service for healthcare and in business which will support and enhance those delivery systems.

Experience through working closely with the medical industry

Coronavirus seems to overshadow everything in our lives at the moment and individuals and businesses will need private testing too. But, Same-Day Dispatch Services Ltd has always provided deliveries to numerous medical industries for a long time now. So, our experience is wide and deep. Indeed, our experience also includes industries concerned with scientific investigation and health and safety equipment. As you can see, all the following industries which we regularly provide for, need dispatch and delivery services:

  • Clinical sampling and pathology
  • Hospital suppliers (such as ventilators and respirators)
  • Life Sciences sector (the transportation and delivery of medical logistics and data which help us understand the virus and create defences)
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • PPE manufacturers and suppliers
  • Life support equipment manufacturers

What can you expect from our delivery services?

Our same-day courier service is essential if we want to guarantee getting your Covid-19 test kit to your chosen lab swiftly and safely. We therefore cover ourselves for all eventualities. For instance, we are a big enough company to be able to replace couriers if usual staff are not available.

Due to the fact that we act as couriers for medical services on a regular basis we are naturally 100% compliant with specialist medical supplies and delivery protocols.

All our personnel are friendly and informed. With an easy booking system, we can ensure reliability, professionalism speed and safety. We have over 3000 logistics providers (including temperature-controlled vans) and keeping to strict sanitisation measures, we will get your parcel there on time – and safe.

We will get your delivery there…

Getting deliveries to destinations safely and on time is at the core of all of our work. As a robust company with over 230 depots across the UK and numerous ways to transport and deliver precious goods (shipping, road, air), we can guarantee times of arrival and also offer specialised handling for individual parcels.

Our Covid Test Kit Courier Service will deliver direct to your nominated lab as soon as is practicable. Through the easy booking service you can arrange time for dispatch and delivery. To learn more about Same-Day Dispatch Services Ltd, please click here  we could be with you within the hour…

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