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As we enter an era where trustworthy couriers are in high demand and supply of experienced drivers is questionable, businesses and residential customers alike will be glad to hear that Same Day Dispatch Services Ltd are still able to access top-quality couriers wherever you may be in the UK. We have a network of couriers and drivers across the UK and internationally. Looking for Coventry couriers for your logistics project? We can help.

Welcome To Coventry

With a population of over 300,000, Coventry is the 11th largest city in the UK and the second-largest city in the West Midlands. It even originated a famous phrase that we use in our everyday language to this day. That is: “Peeping Tom”. It comes from the famous event when Lady Godiva rode naked through Coventry City centre on a horse to protest against the rise in taxes. All citizens were asked to avert their gaze but one man decided a little peek would not hurt anyone. Allegedly his name was Tom and the rest is history.


Sitting astride the River Sherbourne, Coventry first acquired city status in the Middle Ages and has clearly been no stranger to trade and commercial visitors for a long time. Coventry lies just 19 miles east-southeast of Birmingham, the second-largest city in the UK, and is 94 miles northwest of the capital itself.

Road Transport For Coventry Couriers

If you are one of the many Coventry couriers or HGV drivers servicing a local business supply chain, then you will no doubt have found the transport within and around the city very useful. Indeed, all the big motorways are accessible such as the M1, M6, M40, M45 and M69. There is also the A45 which originally passed through the centre of the city. Now, in line with most major UK cities, bypasses allow traffic to avoid the hubbub of the industrial town centre.

Rail Connections

Inter-city and Avanti are two rail services which help to connect this bustling city with other cities in the West Midlands, the North-west of England, Scotland, northern England and south-eastern England.

General Transport

Other forms of transport include a highly effective bus service provided by Arriva Midlands, Coventry airport which is situated 5 miles outside of the city centre and the network of canals. Of course, in previous commercial era’s, the canals were essential to satisfy supply and demand. Now the barges are used more for leisure activities.

Industry Looking For Coventry Couriers

Since 1896, Coventry has been the centre for motor and cycle manufacturing. Companies such as Coventry Motette, The Great Horseless Carriage company, Swift Motor Company, Humber, Hillman and Triumph motorcycle all have their origins here. Now in the 21st century, the car manufacturing trade has greatly reduced in Coventry city, though Jaguar still remain at Whitley.

Coventry couriers will now find themselves working for a variety of industries including businesses which specialise in electronic equipment, machine tools, agricultural machinery, man-made fibres, aerospace components and telecommunications equipment.

Business Services And Coventry Couriers

Overall, the city has moved away from manufacturing and now focuses on business services, finance, design and development, logistics and leisure. According to research by the Office for National Statistics – based on millions of pounds sterling – the service industries have expanded threefold while manufacturing industries have remained more or less static.

Same Day Dispatch Services partner with a wide variety of delivery services. Whether it is Coventry couriers you are looking for or couriers and drivers located anywhere else on this globe – we can get your consignment there. We provide time-sensitive courier services, general logistics and residential home deliveries. If you wish to speak to our support team, please call 0800 999 1010. If you would like an estimate for a current project please click here

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