Off-the-shelf-solutions are not always suitable for same day deliveries

Off the shelf solutions are not always suitable for same-day deliveries

If all deliveries started at point A and went in a straight line to point B, then we could offer a standard service for all our clients.  Designing our same day delivery service on a menu would be so easy. This gives you the opportunity to scan down and choose your preferred service.  Job done!

However, supply chains are complex.  There are usually numerous suppliers, distributors, and destinations.  If one link in this chain misses a deadline, then the chain could potentially collapse.  So, supply chains cannot be planned in a vacuum.

There are so many factors to consider.  There is the demand for cost-efficiency, so resources must be used effectively by all companies involved.  The traffic and the weather can be beyond anyone’s control. 

In short, UK couriers need to design solutions that plan for the potential risks and opportunities within an individual supply chain.

The need for a bespoke delivery service

The complexities of supply chains demand the client is offered a bespoke solution for the same day delivery of consignments.  The client is distinct, an individual amongst even those in the same sector.  Therefore, a bespoke solution should recognise the client’s needs, guiding our professionals to the best service.

But what does this mean?

When you approach us with your needs, we will consider all sorts of factors and adapt to fulfil your requests.  It could be the number of pallets, the size of these pallets; it could be the transit time, the temperature, or the type of handling. 

Bespoke means individualised to your requirements; therefore, it really means whatever you want it to mean.

How we can distinguish your delivery service

First, you may have an out of the ordinary one-off request.  We will make sure our parcel delivery service adapts to your needs.

It may be that you need solutions for many different situations as standard.  It may require us to design your courier service quickly.  It may be due to an emergency. There may be an incident that is causing downtime, and you need us to react rapidly to reduce the cost to your business.

There is also the chance you have unusually heavy objects or an odd shape or size.  We could list all sorts of standard weights and delivery parameters, but your object does not fit any of them.  As a supplier of bespoke services, we can design the solution specific to your requirements.  This is impossible for those courier services offering only off-the-shelf solutions.

We are also sure to listen to our clients, understanding the time constraints and potential consequences of delays.  Designing a courier solution is as much about trying to plan for the unexpected as it is controlling the many variables of successful delivery. 

Time is money in business, and it is essential that our plan values your time.

What does bespoke mean in practice?

Bespoke, from this definition, means responding to the unique requirements of the client.  This requirement may be for speed; it may be handling something delicate or something extra-large, it may be a time-sensitive delivery where neither too early, nor too late will work.

Handle with care!

Imagine a client wants a sensitive prototype delivered to a factory, moving it for the first time from the lab where it was developed.    The window for delivery needs to be fluid, as the lab cannot guarantee the completion time.  There is an estimated delivery window, but the solution needs to be flexible. The delivery must also ensure the safety of a multi-million-pound investment process.  The packaging and handling need a design that recognises the sensitive and delicate nature of the prototype and the potential cost to the client if lost or damaged.

The voice of this client needs to be central to the design of this solution.  They need to be happy with the training of the courier, the method of storage in the transport, and that potential disruption is minimised.

We are being trusted with the future prosperity of the company.  The precious prototype is in our hands.  Therefore, the relationship we build with this client is essential to the trust they feel in our services.  This too must be part of a bespoke parcel delivery service.

I needed it yesterday!

A bespoke solution is most often needed when time is a factor.  It is usually an emergency or a pressured situation.  So, imagine a client who calls us early afternoon and says that a product needs to make it to the other side of the country before the end of the day.  We offer a same day delivery service but travelling the full length of the UK would generally demand our drivers start at the beginning of the day.  We understand that a failure to deliver will make a significant deal impossible for the client; a deal that is due for completion first thing the next morning.

Small decisions will help here.  We choose two drivers to complete the delivery, meaning there can be a driver-swap and so no need for a stop-off.  We work on a sensible route, using our software to map out the fastest way, considering the traffic at different parts of the route. We offer our client an estimated time of arrival, sometime late in the evening, so that a person is available to receive delivery of the item.  The tiniest details will make all the difference to the success of this just-in-time delivery.

Same Day Dispatch Services is proud of the bespoke solutions we offer our clients.  We are convinced our customers deserve better than an off-the-shelf solution.  If you are interested in working with Same Day Dispatch Services for your same day delivery service, call 0800 999 1010.

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