Keeping Parcel Couriers Safe In 2022

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Making the roads safe for all users is a constant battle. As vehicle speeds increase and the volume of cars and lorries on our road networks reach breaking point, it is no surprise that the number of road accidents is constantly growing. According to UN statistics, someone dies on our roads somewhere in the world, every 24 seconds. Parcel couriers and lorry drivers are in constant risk of being involved in a serious accident simply because of their profession.

Have We Become Numb to the Statistics?

The above data from the UN suggests that over 1 million people die every year across the world from road accidents. But for some reason it seems we have taken this kind of data for granted – just a fact of life we prefer to turn away from. But when you really spend some time thinking about the meaning of these figures, you see their true horror. So how can we all keep safer on the roads in the future?

Safety is Paramount in the UK

We continue to make our roads as safe as possible. For instance, as discussed in a previous article this year, it has been found that the design of smart motorways can be deemed dangerous because there is no hard shoulder. Unfortunately, the flaw only became apparent once these new highways were up and running. This matter is being taken up: future expansion of smart motorways is on hold while the government looks at ways to increase the amount of stopping areas available. So, the safety of our roads is always paramount. But as much as we can adapt technical problems, accidents arising from human error will always be an issue. However we can try to minimise these issues.

Enhancing Safety Standards for Parcel Couriers

The best we can do is keep increasing safety standards and ensure all drivers have rigorous driving training (especially professionals like parcel couriers and delivery agents). Now, in contemporary culture, the need for parcel couriers is increasing and the need to get consignments to destinations within a specific timeframe is also increasing. This is mostly due to the fact that following Covid and lockdowns, more individuals buy online and have home deliveries.

How Smart Technology is Helping Parcel Couriers and HGV Drivers

Smart technology is helping all drivers. All new cars tend to be computerised nowadays: some innovations seem really cool while others appear to be a ridiculous luxury. But many of the latest technological breakthroughs can make life so much safer on the roads for residential drivers, HGV drivers and couriers alike.

Dealing with blind spots

A great example of this is “Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection”. This device makes drivers of large vehicles aware of objects which are close to the vehicle. It can also detect the presence of cyclists or pedestrians who may be in close proximity. Indeed, by alerting the driver to the danger, avoidance action can be taken and there is less risk to everyone concerned.

Thorough training

As far as training goes there is a real need for all drivers to have thorough training in the new changes to the highway code. According to AA statistics, 33% of drivers are unaware of new regulations and what this will mean to everyday driving. New rules and regulations means all drivers on the roads will have to adapt and exhibit new behaviours or accidents could occur.

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