More Safety And Less Bureaucracy For Couriers?


We are seeing new technologies all the time in all industries and everyday life. Indeed, the new innovations we are seeing tend to be digital or related to computer technology in some way. This article focusses on two new inventions which (1) aid couriers dealing with burdensome bureaucracy and (2) allow courier management systems to track alcohol abuse

An Increase In Bureaucracy

Since Brexit, the increase of bureaucracy for the HGV driver has led to many couriers leaving the industry; some foreign workers are no longer able to carry their work, and overall the international delivery systems have become a lot more complex. The new Wise Platform cannot exactly help with the bureaucracy drivers and couriers will face carrying out international work but it could make organisational systems a great deal easier for both the courier and management.

Reducing Bureaucracy For Couriers

The logistics industry is populated by self-employed couriers and drivers who are sub-contracted in to deliver individual projects. These individuals are essential for the smooth flow of many supply chains. They are certainly the life-blood of any logistics or delivery company. As new dreaded bureaucracy appears around every corner for couriers, any technology which can reduce its effects is bound to make the industry just that little more attractive again.

Application, Payment And Expenses Made Simpler For Couriers

Currently, the UK is facing a shortage of drivers and this is partly because of issues surrounding engaging new drivers. Such systems as the Wise Platform allows self-employed drivers to apply and join up without having to spend too much time and energy on forms around compliance, tax and application forms. In effect, the platform allows self-employed couriers to submit documentation ahead of the interview, send invoicing and expenses at the end of each week, and generate end of year tax returns. And this can all be done through a mobile phone.

Safety On The Roads

The increase in consumers buying online following the Covid 19 epidemic has led to more traffic, couriers and delivery vehicles on our roads. Consequently, here at Same-Day Dispatch Services Ltd, we are not just looking for the very best quality couriers, safety is of course absolutely paramount. So, we are always eager to read about any new technologies on the market which could make the flow of any supply chain or delivery service even safer. A safe system is an efficient system and an efficient system satisfies customer needs.

The Smart Breathalyser For Couriers

A breathalyser is usually a tool of our police services. It is a highly essential piece of kit that helps to keep our roads safe. The one problem with it when used by the police is it is used after the crime has occurred (i.e someone is driving above the alcohol limit) and they are already putting their own and others’ lives at risk. What if you could use a breathalyser in industry more as a deterrent and to ensure your employees are keeping to the law when driving?

Now management of logistics companies and couriers can track their employees to ensure that they are within legal limits before they drive. Clearly, if a driver knows these tests can take place randomly it acts as a deterrent.

Testing Couriers And Drivers On The Road

The AlcoDigitalNeo is a smart breathalyser which allows employers to regularly test their employees while out on the road. It gives accurate results in seconds and also provides real-time photographic evidence and GPS location at the time of the test. The other great thing about this new innovative tool is it can be set to the laws within any given country to determine correct alcohol limits in specific locations.

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